The Importer

The products by Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods are imported in the USA by the company Dolce Vita LLC, Arizona.
Stefania, the founder of Dolce Vita, runs the company and shares with Marisa and Marina Gamberi the same passion for their jobs, the same love for their products and the same bounds to their country, their wonderful Italy.

While Marisa and Marina Gamberi run their company living in Italy, Stefania moved from Italy in the USA in 2015 and she now lives with her family in Arizona.

Stefania is Medical Doctor and she has a PhD degree in Biology.
She has been Researcher and Professor of Human Anatomy at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine of the University of Firenze, Italy for about 15 years (2000-2015) where she has taught Human Anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. As Biologist and Medical Doctor she acquired experiences in the field of oncology and cellular biology at the National Cancer Institute of the NIH in Bethesda, USA as well as at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, USA.

She practiced as nutritionist for more than 10 years and she focused her studies on the role of nutrition in preventing and treating pathologic conditions.

She has presented her scientific data at about 90 conferences and she has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the field of nutrition, cellular and molecular biology.