The Manufacturer

Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods has been present on the Italian market for more than 15 years.

The company is located in Forli’, an Italian area known for excellent food and culinary traditions.

The love for food and the attention to scientific research led the company to be a leader in the field of ketogenic nutrition.

Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods have look and taste almost identical to the traditional ones; they include pasta, bread, croissants, cookies, crackers, breadsticks, sweet and salted snacks, croutons, pizza crust, chocolate, and many other delicious products.

Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods belong to the category of very low-carbohydrate, low protein, high fat ketogenic friendly foods which may be incorporated into the daily meals and snacks of anyone.
Whether following or not a specific diet, Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods are intended to offer you the possibility to have your ketogenic lifestyle with ready to use foods with different ketogenic ratios.
All our products are carefully prepared with non-glucidic, low-protein and high-fat mixtures. We use blends composed by vegetable proteins, vegetable fibers and healthy fats.

In order to meet our Customers’ needs we manufacture products with ratio fat:proteins and carbs 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1.